2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS

Multistrada 1200 ABS
Multistrada 1200 ABS
2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200

The Multistrada – Touring meets passion…

4 personalities, 1 bike

Four bikes in one, each just a click away, ensuring the motorcycle adapts perfectly to both the terrain and your riding style. The standard version of the Multistrada 1200 combines the outstanding performance of the
new Testastretta 11° DS engine with sophisticated Ducati Safety Pack technology and unmistakeable Ducati instinct.

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The Ducati Multistrada family continues the technically advanced and award-winning range with the Multistrada 1200, 1200 S Touring, 1200 S Granturismo and 1200 S Pikes Peak. All models of this multitasking motorcycle feature confidence-inspiring, intelligent electronics to ensure they are instantly ready for every road, all S versions also feature the advanced Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS).

The range signals the latest stage of the Multistrada adventure with a long list of fascinating and high-tech features that continue the model’s reputation for industry-changing innovation. They include the second generation Testastretta 11° DS engine and the Bosch ABS 9ME braking system with full Riding Mode integration.

Combining ground-breaking design and unprecedented technology, the Multistrada’s Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro Riding Modes enable a truly enjoyable and customisable riding experience separated by just one click. The four-bikes-in-one concept makes instant adjustment to power and torque delivery in addition to electronic adjustment of suspension settings, traction control, ABS and Ducati Skyhook Suspension, instantly transforming the Multistrada 1200 to suit its rider and environment with even more precision.

Hailed as a true ‘game-changing’ motorcycle, the Multistrada 1200 has attracted all types of riders by removing the borders between motorcycle categories. With the latest 150 hp Testastretta 11° DS engine, a class-leading dry weight of just 194 kg (428 lb)* and the application of advanced ergonomics, the Multistrada 1200 is not only powerful and playful, but also a comfortable and versatile adventure on two wheels. The eight-level DTC and three-level ABS introduce the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) concept to the Multistrada family, further underlining Ducati’s focus on performance safety.

The range includes the Multistrada 1200 with the associated Riding Mode technologies of Ride-by-Wire (Rb- W), Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and ABS, while the Multistrada 1200 S Touring is equipped with Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS), R-b-W, DTC and ABS with additional side luggage, heated grips and centre stand. The touring flagship of the range, the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo, with extra side luggage capacity, top case, additional LED illumination, enhanced wind protection and long-distance tyres. The Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak continues to celebrate the sporting side of the model’s character with a replica of the famous mountain race bike in its stunning race-winning livery.

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Key Features

Multistrada 1200
– Bosch-Brembo ABS 9ME braking system
– Riding Modes
– Ride-by-Wire
– Ducati Traction Control


Ducati’s four-bikes-in-one concept is achieved by selecting from a choice of four pre-set modes programmed to instantly change the engine character and chassis set-up of the Multistrada 1200 – even while riding. The four modes are made possible by combining a number of class-leading technologies.

An electronic Ride-by-Wire (RbW) system administers different mappings to regulate power delivery by interpreting the rider’s throttle input, while the world-beating Ducati Traction Control system (DTC) uses eight levels of system interaction to enhance control by reducing wheel-spin. ABS is also programmed to offer the optimum setting appropriate to the Riding Mode selected and, for the ‘S’ versions, Sachs electronic suspension front and rear not only configures the suspension set-up with Riding Mode-appropriate electronic adjustment, but Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) also instantly reacts to additional inputs to maintain overall vehicle composure for a smoother ride.


"Enduro Riding Mode If adventure invites the Multistrada 1200 off the beaten track, it has the capability to take off-road routes in its stride. Agile and lightweight and with high, wide handlebars, serrated footrests and specially designed tyres, the Multistrada also features an Enduro Riding Mode which instantly produces a smooth 100hp engine, immediately dials-in an appropriate suspension setting on the ‘S’ versions and reconfigures DSS to provide appropriate active management. The DTC system is reduced to level two for minimal intervention
and ABS to an off-road-oriented level one interaction for a low-grip terrain appropriate setting with "lift-up" detection deactivated and rear wheel ABS partially interrupted for controlled rear end drifting."


As an urban environment often requires an even more user-friendly motorcycle, the Urban Riding Mode instantly transforms the Multistrada 1200 into the most manageable, everyday transport. Power output is reduced to 100hp, and the suspension, on the ‘S’ versions, to a setting perfect for tackling the maze of city streets full of speed bumps and drain covers. Once again, DSS is also reconfigured to provide appropriate active management in this demanding environment. DTC is further enhanced to level six to provide high system intervention during the most chaotic of stop-start traffic and ABS to a city-oriented level three interaction for maximum confidence with "lift-up" detection active and combined braking optimised.


The Touring Riding Mode is also programmed to produce 150hp, however, the power characteristics are designed in a touring configuration with a smoother, more user-friendly delivery. Active safety is enhanced by increasing DTC system intervention to level five, specifically intended for an enjoyable and relaxing ride and ABS to a touring-oriented level three interaction for maximum confidence with "lift-up" detection active and combined braking optimised. On the ‘S’ versions, the suspension automatically dials-in a set-up ideal for long distance touring, ensuring maximum comfort for both the rider and passenger and DSS again reconfigured to provide appropriate active management, even considering the amount of load onboard preprogrammed into the system by the rider.


Sport Riding Mode The Sport Riding Mode provides the rider with an adrenalin-fuelled 150hp ride with a sport-oriented throttle response and, on the ‘S’ versions, an instant high performance suspension set-up with DSS reconfigured to provide appropriate active management in this mode. In character with its Superbike heritage, the sport mode also changes the DTC system intervention to level four for expert riders and ABS to level two for a performance-oriented interaction with combined front/rear function slightly reduced and "lift-up" detection deactivated for those whose ‘comfort zone’ is a little closer to the limit.

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Features and Benefits

Testastretta 11° DS

The Testastretta 11° engine was introduced on the Multistrada 1200 in 2010. Derived from the Superbike 1198 engine, it achieved brilliant results when valve overlap was reduced from 41° (typical of sport engines) to 11°, losing some peak power in favour of improved overall smoothness, especially in the mid-range.
The new Multistrada family introduces the second generation of Testastretta 11° DS engines with several new features that make it even smoother and more tractable. Dual Spark ignition (DS) uses two plugs per cylinder to ensure complete combustion in very short time. The fuel injectors have been relocated to aim the jet of fuel directly at the hotter rear end of the suction valve, so that all fuel is atomised. A secondary air system similar to that of the 1199 Panigale has been introduced to optimise operation and reduce cyclic combustion variability without affecting emissions. A controlled flow of fresh air is supplied to the exhaust duct to enable complete oxidisation of hot unburnt gases, to effectively reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels.
With 150 hp power, 12.7 Kgm (124.5 Nm) torque and 10% less consumption (at 90 kph), the Testastretta 11° DS engine sets a new benchmark for Ducati twin-cylinder engines.

Power modes

Ride-by-Wire technology offers three different engine mappings with different torque and power delivery:
150 hp with sporty delivery
150 hp with progressive delivery
100 hp with progressive delivery
The structural characteristics of the new second-generation Testastretta 11° DS engine combined with Ride-By-Wire technology made it possible to achieve four bikes in one.
Each Riding Mode has a pre-set engine mapping, but can be adjusted and customised to suit rider needs.
For instance, a rider may change the progressive 150 hp output pre-set for the Touring Riding Mode to the sporty 150 hp or the 100 hp output.

Service intervals every 24,000 km

The new Multistrada 1200 has been designed for long-distance riding in all four Riding Modes. This is one of the reasons why cutting maintenance costs and time was a priority goal of the engineering project.
Careful engineering and top-quality materials achieved amazing results. For example, valve clearances are adjusted every 24,000 km, twice the mileage as the Testastretta Evoluzione, with great benefits for owners. This was made possible also by the improved combustion efficiency and lower operating temperatures of the new Testastretta 11° DS engine.
The instrument panel includes a service reminder just in case sheer riding pleasure makes the rider forgetful of anything else.

Slipper clutch requires less effort at the lever

The wet clutch of the Multistrada 1200 provides a lighter feel at the lever, ensuring great comfort even when the rider needs to shift gears frequently.
The system features an anti-hop function for guaranteed stability under hard braking.

Crankcase – Vacural® technology

Weight reduction is a priority consideration also in the design of the new second-generation Testastretta 11° DS engine. Crankcases are vacuum-die-cast using the Vacural® technology, ensuring maximum weight reduction, homogeneous wall thickness, and increased mechanical strength.


Gearbox and final drive ratio have been designed for fuel efficiency and increased comfort with less vibration.

Oil sump guard

The motorcycle is very capable on unpaved country roads and compact off-road terrain. Off-road capability is ensured by long suspension travel and low weight and a robust, effective structural aluminium sump guard that protects the oil sump when riding over bumpy terrain.


Riding Modes, Power Modes, Ducati Safety Pack (cornering ABS + DTC), Ducati Wheelie Control, Cruise control, Hands-Free, BacKlit handlebar switches, Anti-theft preparation
Bike Type
Model Code
LAMS Approved
Ride Away Price
Country of Origin
Grey Import
Is Limited Edition


Engine Description
Engine Config
Engine Capacity
Engine Type
Engine Stroke
Cam Type
Valves Per Cylinder
Compression Ratio
Induction System
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection; Bosch; Elliptical throttle bodies; RbW
Number of Throttle Bodies
Throttle Bore
Exhaust Config
Exhaust Description
Stainless steel muffler, catalytic converter, 2 lambda probes; Aluminium tail pipes
Maximum Power
Maximum Power RPM
Maximum Torque
Maximum Torque RPM


Hands Free Ignition


Engine Voltage
Charging Method

Fuel & Emissions

Fuel Type
Recommended RON
Fuel Tank Capacity


Primary Drive
Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.84:1
Drive Type
#530 Chain
Final Drive Ratio
Gear Type
Gear Number
Gear Change Method
Left foot lever
Clutch Type
Wet; Multi-disc; Light action; Self-servo action on drive; Slipper action on over-run; Hydraulic
Quick Shift
Not Available

Chassis & Suspension

Frame Material
Tubular steel
Frame Design
Rake (Caster Angle)
Side Stand
Skid Plate
Front Suspension
48mm upside down fork; Fully adjustable
Front Suspension Travel
Rear Suspension
Swingarm; Single shock absorber; Fully adjustable
Rear Suspension Travel
Swingarm Type
Single Sided
Swingarm Description


Front Brake Description
Twin semi-floating discs, Radially mounted Brembo monobloc 2-pad calipers, Hydraulic; Bosch 9ME Cornering ABS
Front Brake Caliper(s)
Four Piston
Front Brake Diameter
Rear Brake Description
Single disc, Hydraulic; Cornering ABS
Rear Brake Caliper(s)
Double Piston
Rear Brake Diameter
ABS Selectable
Linked Braking System
Not Available

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel Type
Black, Y-Shape 3-spoke; Light alloy
Wheel Size Front
3.5x17" (89x431.8mm)
Wheel Size Rear
6.0x17" (152.4x431.8mm)
Rear Tyre
190/55-ZR17'' Pirelli Scorpion Trail
Front Tyre
120/70-ZR17'' Pirelli Scorpion Trail

Dimensions & Weights

Dry Weight
Wet / Operational Weight
Seat Height Max
Seat Height
Seating Capacity

Warranty & Servicing

Warranty KMs
Warranty in Months from First Registration
24 Months (2 years)
Roadside Assistance
24 Months (2 Years)
Regular Service Interval

Safety & Security

Side Stand Start Inhibitor
Traction Control
Traction Control Selectable
Engine Immobiliser
Lock Type

Instruments & Controls

Instruments / Dash Description
Multifunction digital dashboard of two displays: white backlight. Main LCD display: odometer (total, trip 1 & trip2), speedometer, rev counter, clock, gear indicator, coolant temperature; fuel level. Circular LCD dot-matrix display: trip computer (riding style set-up, active riding parameters, remaining fuel/distance, current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed, air temperature, trip time), maintenance intervals indicator (Km), signaling alarms & errors detection (diagnosis), setup menu & customization functions. Interface for the management of Riding Modes (control power curve & throttle response power, traction control, ABS). "Parking" & "Steering lock" indicators. Lights: oil pressure, neutral N, fuel warning, turn signal, EOBD (diagnosis), high beam, DTC intervention (Traction Control) & deterrent immobilizer (in Key-Off). Headlight control: auto switching-off during engine start, auto turning-off after 60 seconds from Key-On without starting the engine. The key management of the various function menus are integrated in the left and right switch controls.


Seating Position
Adjustable Seat
Heated Hand Grips
Ride By Wire
Top Box
Windscreen Type


Cost-to-own Rating

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