2016 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special 1250 ABS (VRSCDX) MY17

Night Rod Special 1250 ABS (VRSCDX)
Night Rod Special 1250 ABS (VRSCDX)
2016 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special

The dark horse always has the most mystique

We are pleased to offer for sale this low km immaculate condition Harley-Davidson Nightrod Special. One owner from new this ever popular Nightrod has travelled a mere 8000kms and presents as new. Comes fitted with Vance & Hines slip on mufflers. They don't make these anymore and this one won't last long so call to book your test ride today.

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If you think all the blacked-out metal looks sinister, youve got the right idea. The Night Rod Special motorcycle is pure aggression from fast back tail section to streamlined front end, built around a liquid-cooled 60 V-twin engine stuffed full of racing-derived serious business like dual overhead cams, 4-valve heads and velocity stacks feeding its double barrel exhaust. In other words, things happen when you twist the throttle. Better if it all happens under the cover of darkness.

If your tastes run to high-end horsepower served with a big meaty powerband and a seriously demented topping of black paint, get ready to dig in.

These long and low works of art are the most radical edge of the Harley-Davidson line-up. A muscular mix of dragstrip performance and menacing street looks. Explosive, off-the-line power coupled with cutting-edge technology. The V-Rod familys liquid-cooled 1250cc V-Twin Revolution engine, Brembo performance brakes, a slipper clutch and hidden ABS adds a layer of smooth precision.

2016 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special Key Features

The Night Rod Special model is a sinister-looking machine with a Revolution engine that delivers a V-Twin growl and massive power. Its styled for performance-minded enthusiasts who like a blacked-out, no-hassle ride, and an aggressive, drag-inspired riding position.

2016 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod Special Features and Benefits

Authentic Styling

Take a good, long look at a V-Rod motorcycle. Massive rear tire. Low, aggressive profile. Dragstrip-inspired handlebar. If you have a hard time figuring out where the performance leaves off and pure style begins, youve got the right idea. The V-Rod family was our first line of liquid-cooled motorcycles, and when we experienced the explosive power of the Revolution engine we knew we had something very good on our hands. So we went deep into our racing heritage for the fire-breathing looks. The big 240mm rear tire enhances the dragster styling. Its also the only way youre going to harness all the off-the-line power. The pipes are a big part of the performance equation. Theyre also proof that a performance exhaust doesnt need to look like its welded out of coffee cans. Notice how even the radiator is styled to become part of the design instead of an interruption to the flow of the eye. Speed bumps, even of the visual variety, are not allowed.

Iconic Engine

Like everything on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, theres a story behind the 1250cc Revolution engine powering the bikes in our V-Rod series. This one starts on the racetrack, with the companys VR1000 superbike engine. Watching it roar around the track got the gears turning on a way to bring the same sort of high-end performance to the street. So the story takes us to Germany, and a unique collaboration with legendary automaker Porsche and their world-renowned team of engineers. The final result? Dual overhead cams. Four-valve heads. Liquid cooling. A velvety smooth delivery of power all the way up to redline. In short, the industrys most perfect blend of torque and horsepower in a revolutionary high-revving V-Twin design. There couldnt be anything more uniquely Harley-Davidson than that.


A machine like a V-Rod motorcycle doesnt happen without putting massive amounts of technology into the effort. As you might guess, we do it our own way. The Revolution engine itself is not only a marvel of modern engineering and metallurgy, but of grueling performance tests. Thats how it delivers the ironclad durability and low-maintenance worthy of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. The performance Brembo brakes also include an Anti-Locking (ABS) system. But we stylized the sensor, so you see the clean lines of the bike. With all that comes with a V-Rod motorcycle, you may want to take technology even further and add the optional H-D Smart Security System. Stick the fob on your ignition key ring and it arms and disarms the electronic security system automatically. One more example of the attention to detail that makes Harley-Davidson motorcycles unique.


With all the power exploding out of the Revolution engine you expect a long list of enhanced handling features. And thats what you get. It starts at the front end of your V-Rod motorcycle, with inverted forks. This is a racetrack inspired design that reduces the unsprung weight of the bike and keeps turning tight and responsive. Scrubbing off speed comes courtesy of high-performance Brembo brakes. For added good measure, you also get an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) that helps reduce the chance of wheel lock-up. Also taken from the racetracks of the world, a slipper clutch that provides smoother high-power handling in turns and during downshifts. Connecting you to the pavement is a set of Michelin Scorcher tires. If you know your rubber, you know that means youre riding on the latest generation of compounds, plus an exclusive deep-cut tread design that improves grip and water evacuation capability. In other words, everything youd expect on a race-bred bike.


Riding a performance machine is all about confidence and control. They come a lot easier when youre comfortable in the seat of your machine. Thats why weve made the feeling of being astride a V-Rod motorcycle unlike anything most riders have ever experienced. The seat itself is a deep bucket design, derived from what weve learned keeping riders glued to their machines at the blinding speeds of the racetrack. We set the seat low, which further adds to the feeling of certainty and control whether youre throttling up or slowing things down. The handlebars and rider foot pegs are placed so you ride low and mean, but with the controls close and comfortably in reach. Whether youre aiming for the quarter mile mark or a fast road out of town, you can kick back into an easy riding posture for the ultimate power cruise.

Blacked Out Look

Pitch black and sinister as hell, the Night Rod Special model is aggressively styled from the front end to the back. Engine, wheels, forks, triple clamps, swingarmtheyre all blacked out and thick with uncompromising, drag strip attitude.

Low-Rise Handlebar

Grab the slammed blacked-out drag-style handlebar for an aggressive riding positionslightly forward and reminiscent of tearing up the racetrack, but easily within reach for plenty of riding comfort along with that attitude.

Fastback Tail Section

The Night Rod Special models tail delivers even more drag-strip performance and attitude. The chopped down and aggressively tapered fender shows off that fat rear tire, while the slimmed down center plate mount and flush-mounted low-maintenance LED taillamp creates a streamlined impression that lasts.

Fat Rear Tire

Behold the ultra-fat, 240mm rear tire for a powerful, no-nonsense look and added grip. Harnessing explosive, off-the-line power, the rear tire on the Night Rod Special motorcycle enhances the pure dragster look with the sticky, high-performance tread you need for staying glued to the pavement.

Double-Barrel Exhaust

The Night Rod Special motorcycle proves that a performance exhaust can still be a beautiful set of pipes. The double-barrel exhaust features brushed finish dual mufflers, black end caps and exhaust shields. Performance and bold style erupt with every crack of the throttle.

Streamlined Front End

With its colour-matched speedscreen pared down to bare performance minimum, its sleek headlamp and slotted-bracket sport fender, the Night Rod Special motorcycle comes on strong with an aggressive race-inspired, power-first front profile.

Cast Aluminium Performance Wheel

When the rubber meets the road, its your wheels that make the difference. Inspired by performance sports car design, these split 5-spoke wheels flash heavy-weight attitude, but do it at a full 3 pounds lighter than earlier generation V-Rod motorcycle wheels, which means you roll with tighter handling and smoother suspension response.

Pure Harley-Davidson Styling

Feast your eyes on the Revolution engine and theres no mistaking its roots. This is authentic Harley-Davidson style through and through with an attention to detail you wont find from any other motorcycle company. Deep black cylinders and rocker covers complete the dark look, while the machined cooling fin tips on the cylinder heads give it a stripped down, raw metal finish. Its a jewel machined out of metal. Pure. Dripping with power. From the classic edge of the cooling fins to the clean lines of cases and coversthe Revolution engine makes an ironclad statement about holding on to whats right and staying true to what satisfies the rider.

Revolution Engine

From the Strip to the Street. Harley-Davidson has a passion for performance that is rooted in decades of racing and winning championships. So when The Motor Company set out to produce a high-powered, liquid-cooled engine, it began with the VR1000 superbike engine. Its performance is inspired by American-style big, powerful torque coupled with high-end horsepower. The Revolution engine is the heart of a machine that attracts a breed of riders who are fascinated by the heritage and mystique of Harley-Davidson and the power of a high-end street performance motorcycle.

Revolution Engine Innovation

Through a partnership with legendary automaker Porsche and their world-renowned team of engineers, Harley-Davidson created a revolutionary engine. The final result was something uniquely Harley-Davidson, the industrys most perfect blend of torque and horsepower in the high revving V-Twin Revolution engine. Fuel injection. Dual overhead cams. Liquid cooled. 125 horses. Massive, brute power behind pure Harley-Davidson innovation and style.

Custom Power and Performance

Tuned to produce 125 horsepower the 1250cc Revolution engine is Harley-Davidsons highest horsepower engine to this day. With dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder, it provides 84 lb-ft of torque at 7000 rpm, while feeling refined and velvety smooth all the way up to the redline.

H-D Smart Security System (Optional)

The factory-installed next-generation security system features a hands-free fob that automatically arms and disarms the vehicles electronic security functions as you approach and walk away from the bike. Stick the fob on your ignition key ring and let it do all the work. Its this attention to detail and security that make Harley-Davidson motorcycles unique.

Michelin Scorcher Tires

The Michelin Scorcher tires provide the superior performance, sensational grip, impressive durability and excellent handling expected on a race-bred bike. The exclusive deep-cut tread design improves grip and water evacuation capability. Grip performance and durability is also enhanced by the tires rubber compounds, which use the latest generation of Michelin synthetic polymers.

Assist & Slip Clutch

Taken from the racetrack to the world of custom. The Night Rod Special motorcycle features a Assist & Slip clutch that provides smoother, high-power handling in turns or whenever you downshift. By reducing clutch friction, the slipper clutch helps keep your rear wheel at a controlled clip.

Inverted Forks

Grab on and feel the total command delivered by this precision-engineered front end assembly. The performance-tuned front end assembly features inverted forks and a low-angle rake that keep the Night Rod Special motorcycle unsprung mass low and its turning tight, for a nimble and responsive ride at every speed.

Brembo Brakes with ABS

Increased confidence and control. High-performance Brembo dual-disc brakes offer consistent stopping power on every leg of your journey. Plus, the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps reduce the chance of wheel lock-up if you need to brake suddenly. And since we stylized the speed sensor, the bike maintains its clean, slick look. Performance without sacrificing style. Thats what The Motor Company is all about.

Enhanced Ergonomic Controls

Confidence is critical when youre performance riding. Thats why we designed the Night Rod Special models control placement for comfortable access that doesnt compromise its aggressive stance. The handlebars and rider foot pegs are placed so you ride low and mean, but with the controls close and comfortably in reach.


Bike Type
Model Code
LAMS Approved
Black Denim; Crushed Ice Pearl; Velocity Red Sunglo; Corona Yellow Pearl or Crushed Ice Denim
Ride Away Price
OEM Ride Away Price
Country of Origin
Grey Import


Engine Description
Engine Config
Engine Capacity
Engine Type
Engine Stroke
Cam Type
DOHC (Double Over Head Cam)
Valves Per Cylinder
Compression Ratio
Induction System
ESPFI - Electronic Sequesntial Port Fuel Injection
Number of Throttle Bodies
Coolant Capacity
Wet Sump
Oil Capacity
Exhaust Config
2 Into 2
Exhaust Description
Brushed, straight­shot; dual mufflers; black end-caps
Maximum Power
Maximum Power RPM
Maximum Torque
Maximum Torque RPM


Ignition Description
Non adjustable timing


Engine Voltage
Battery Description
Sealed, AGM maintenance free, 19-amp hour, 270 cca
Charging Method
Alternator & Regulator-Rectifier
Spark Plug Description
HD 10R12A

Fuel & Emissions

Fuel Type
Recommended RON
Max Ethanol Blend
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Reserve Capacity


Transmission Description
1st, 5th spur gears; 2nd, 3rd, 4th helical gears
Primary Drive
Gear; Ratio 64/117
Drive Type
Belt - Carbon Fibre Reinforced
Final Drive Ratio
Gear Type
Gear Number
Gear Change Method
Left foot lever
4th Gear Ratio
5th Gear Ratio
Clutch Type
Wet, 9-plate, A&S (Assist & Slip), Hydraulic operation
Quick Shift

Chassis & Suspension

Chassis Description
Perimeter upper; hydroformed main rails & bolt-on lower frame rails; MIG welded
Frame Material
Frame Design
Hydroformed Perimeter
Rake (Caster Angle)
Handlebar Description
Side Stand
Front Suspension
43mm Black upside down/inverted fork
Front Suspension Travel
Rear Suspension
Twin black-spring hydraulic shock absorbers, Adjustable spring preload
Rear Suspension Travel
Swingarm Type
Dual Sided
Swingarm Description
Polished one piece cast aluminium; Black powder coat finish


Front Brake Description
Single floating disc/rotor, Hydraulic, ABS
Front Brake Caliper(s)
Four Piston
Front Brake Diameter
Rear Brake Description
Single uniform expansion rotor/disc, Hydraulic, ABS
Rear Brake Caliper(s)
Four Piston
Rear Brake Diameter
Linked Braking System

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel Type
Black; Split 5-Spoke Cast Aluminum; Machined pinstripe
Wheel Size Front
19x3" (483x76mm)
Wheel Size Rear
18x8" (457x203mm)
Rear Tyre
240/40R-18" (79V) Michelin Scorcher “11”
Front Tyre
120/70ZR-19" (60W) Michelin Scorcher “11”

Dimensions & Weights

Ground Clearance
Dry Weight
Wet / Operational Weight
Seat Height
Seating Capacity
Lean Angle Left
Lean Angle Right

Warranty & Servicing

Warranty KMs
Warranty in Months from First Registration
24 Months (2 years)
Roadside Assistance
24 Months (2 Years)
First Service Interval
Regular Service Interval

Safety & Security

Traction Control
Engine Immobiliser

Instruments & Controls

Instruments / Dash Description
High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, security system, coolant temperature, low fuel warnings, ABS


Seating Position
Adjustable Seat
Backrest - Pillion

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