2017 Ducati Multistrada 950

Multistrada 950
Multistrada 950
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2017 Ducati Multistrada 950

My First. My Last. My Everything…

Extraordinary Daily Journey

The new Multistrada 950 is made for those who seek comfort and style and
want superior performance without feeling intimidated. For those who want
to ride a Ducati. With its Testastretta 937 cc, 113 hp engine and 19?
front wheel, the Multistrada 950 guarantees comfortable, enjoyable riding
on all terrain, as well as during the daily commute. Low running costs are
guaranteed thanks to the longest service intervals in its sector. Ducati style,
with no limits thanks to the additional accessory packs.

Ducati presents the new Multistrada 950, the Bologna-based bike manufacturer’s
smallest “multibike”, designed to provide all the excitement of
the Multistrada in a way that makes it more accessible and versatile. Designed
to put great performance within everyone’s grasp, the Multistrada 950 is for
those who want to get in some touring (and perhaps enjoy the company of a
passenger) and those who want an agile fun bike that’s ideal for everyday

Combining the Multistrada family’s trademark design and chassis geometry,
the Multistrada 950 has it all. Lighter than the Multistrada 1200 and with
a seat height of 840 mm, the Multistrada 950 sharpens the excellent dynamic
performance of its “big sisters”. The 19? light alloy front
wheel ensures comfort and fun on any road surface, asphalted or not. Suspension
with a generous 170 mm of travel and a twin-sided swingarm keep comfort levels
high while giving the Multistrada 950 outstanding agility. Moreover, the 20-litre
tank puts plenty of miles between refuelling stops.

The 937 cm3 Testastretta engine gives the Multistrada 950 true Ducati verve
– and makes it accessible to everyone. This engine delivers 113 hp (83.1 kW)
at 9,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 9.8 kgm (96.2 Nm) at 7,750 rpm. The four
Riding Modes (Touring, Sport, Urban and Enduro) give the Multistrada 950 true
4-bikes-in-1 capability.

Maintenance is as worry-free as it gets: the 937 cm3 Ducati Testastretta
11° twin cylinder engine has a maintenance interval of 15,000 km (9,000
miles) or 12 months, with valve clearance inspection every 30,000 km (18,000

The Multistrada 950 is both confidence-inspiring and safe thanks to the Ducati
Safety Pack, which includes the latest Bosch 9.1 MP ABS with 3-level adjustment
and 8-level Ducati Traction Control. These safety systems apply different
intervention levels depending on the selected Riding Mode; riders can personalise
them to set up the Multistrada 950 to match their individual needs and riding

2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 Key Features

Ducati Multistrada 950


oDucati Red with Racing Grey frame and matt grey wheels

oStar White Silk with Racing Grey frame and matt grey wheels

Main equipment

o937 cm3 Testastretta 11 engine with 113 hp at 9,000 rpm and 96.2 Nm at 7,750

oEuro 4 emissions

oExhaust with single silencer

oTubular steel Trellis frame with cast aluminium twin-sided swingarm

oSeat height 840 mm

oHeight-adjustable screen

oFuel tank capacity 20 litres

oWheels with six Y-spokes mounting Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyres, 120/70
ZR19 up front and 170/60 ZR17 at the rear

oFully adjustable 48 mm Kayaba fork with 170 mm of travel

oFully adjustable Sachs shock absorber, allowing 170 mm of rear wheel travel

o4 Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Enduro)

oDucati Safety Pack (3-level ABS, 8-level DTC)

oLCD Instrumentation

Personalisation packages

Touring Pack: side panniers and centre stand.

Sport Pack: type-approved Ducati Performance exhaust by Termignoni (complies
with EUhomologation standards), billet aluminium frame plugs, billet aluminium
front brake fluid reservoirplug.

Urban Pack: top case, tank bag with tank lock and USB hub to charge electronic

Enduro Pack: supplementary LED lights, Ducati Performance components by Touratech:
enginecrash bars, aluminium radiator guard, aluminium sump guard, broader
kickstand base and off-road rider pegs.

2017 Ducati Multistrada 950 Features and Benefits


When the Ducati Design Center started working on the Multistrada 950 the goal
was to develop a compact, eye-pleasing bike that had to be, above all else,
a true Multistrada. That’s why it takes its cue from the two bigger-engined
Multistrada family members.

The Multistrada 950 combines Multistrada 1200 and Multistrada 1200 Enduro
design features to perfection, taking the “lightest” elements from
both. The front-on view, with the distinctive headlight, ‘beak’, adjustable
screen, two ‘wings’ and tank come from the Multistrada 1200. The
rider’s seat with narrow mid-section, the passenger seat, rear grab rail,
the design of the exhaust and swingarm and the wheel sizes were, instead,
taken from the Multistrada 1200 Enduro. This mix has produced a bike with
classic Multistrada lines that’s also compact, and not just visually.

Moreover, the bodywork colour that extends to the seat and the numerous black-painted
parts – such as the engine guard, silencer and swingarm – make the Multistrada
950 look even lighter. Carefully designed alloy wheels have succeeded in making
the thin Y-spokes look as similar as possible to wire spokes.

Other Multistrada 950 hallmarks include the assertive, high-tech front headlight
and LED tail light. Features such as the frame (designed to maximise efficiency
in terms of both weight and performance), the rear sub-frame (aluminium with
integrated pannier supports) and new switchgears (ergonomic and practical)
are just some of the characteristics that underscore Ducati’s attention to

The Multistrada 950 is available in two colours; classic Ducati Red and stylish
Star White Silk. Both colour schemes feature matt grey frame and wheels.


Built with long-range touring in mind, the Multistrada 950 has been designed
to ensure outstanding comfort, even when the bike is fully laden. This has
resulted in an ergonomic “triangle” that guarantees, for rider and
passenger alike, comfort and control whatever the situation.

The bike is ‘roomy’. It can easily seat two people, even with top case and
side panniers on board. A 1594 mm wheelbase distributes rider and luggage
(where applicable) weight perfectly, benefiting the vehicle’s dynamic performance.
Foot pegs have been lined with rubber inserts to dampen vibration.

The Multistrada 950 seat is 840 mm off the ground (a lower 820 mm seat and
a higher 860 mm one are available as Ducati Performance accessories) and its
generous front and rear sizing means immediate comfort and assured wanderlust.
The wide tapered handlebars have been designed to optimise comfort, provide
a dominant riding position and make the most of the generous steering lock.
And that’s not all: it’s been mounted on silent-blocks to filter out vibration,
giving an optimal balance between comfort and ‘feel’.

A spacious stowage area under the passenger seat can be used for tools, the
motorcycle handbook and personal items. The GARMIN sat-nav, available as a
Ducati Performance accessory, is powered via a special connector in the dashboard
area. There’s also a USB port underneath the seat: this can be used to charge
smartphones or other devices.


The Multistrada 950 is powered by the already renowned twin cylinder 937 cm3
Testastretta 11°, now extensively overhauled. EURO 4-rated, it has four
valves per cylinder, liquid cooling and bore and stroke measurements of 94
and 67.5 mm respectively. Engine power amounts to a maximum of 113 hp at 9,000
rpm and a maximum torque of 96.2 Nm at 7,750 rpm. The compression ratio is

The twin cylinder Testastretta 11° engine on the Multistrada 950 features
two new cylinder heads with a redesigned oil circuit and secondary air intake
ducts on the covers. The Multistrada 950 gulps in the fuel mix through new
53 mm cylindrical-section throttle bodies controlled by an advanced Ride-by-Wire
system. Moreover, this engine also features a new control unit and electronic
injection system. The exhaust system is of the 2-1-2 type with lateral silencer.

The clutch, instead, is of the oil bath type with slipper function and low-effort
lever control. The slipper function cuts in when the rear wheel exerts back-torque,
reducing pressure on the discs to ensure vehicle stability during the aggressive
down-shifting typical of competitive riding.

The 937 cm3 Ducati Testastretta 11° twin cylinder engine has a maintenance
interval of 15,000 (9,000 miles) km or 12 months, with valve clearance inspection
every 30,000 km (18,000 miles).


On the Multistrada 950 the frame design features a front Trellis made up of
large-diameter yet thin tubing, plus two lateral aluminium sub-frames to ensure
maximum torsional rigidity. The Multistrada 950 has a minimum ground clearance
of 183.5 mm.

The shell-cast aluminium twin-sided swingarm is painted black.


The Multistrada 950 has a front upside down 48 mm fork with 170 mm of travel,
a dedicated cast fork leg, plus adjustable spring pre-load and hydraulic compression
and rebound damping. At the rear, a Sachs shock connects the swingarm to the
left sub-frame: again, spring pre-load is adjustable (via a knob-operated
hydraulic press), as is hydraulic compression and rebound damping. The spring
is progressive, consequently increasing ride comfort even with the bike fully
loaded. Rear suspension travel is 170 mm.

Tyres and wheels

The Multistrada 950 is equipped with alloy wheels that mount Pirelli SCORPION™
Trail II tyres: 120/70 R19 at the front and 170/60 R17 at the rear. SCORPION™
Trail II: this tyre is a perfect blend of off-road racing capacity and great
road performance. Designed for the most demanding motorcyclists, its plus-points
include high mileage, consistent performance throughout its life-cycle and
first-class performance in the wet.

Braking system

The Multistrada 950 features Brembo M4.32 monobloc radial calipers with four
32 mm diameter pistons and 2 pads, an axial pump and dual 320 mm front discs.
At the rear a 265 mm disc is gripped by a floating caliper, again by Brembo.
Such top-drawer components ensure unbeatable performance, a feature that has
always been a Ducati hallmark.

Ducati Safety Pack (DSP)

The Multistrada 950 is equipped with a DSP (Ducati Safety Pack) that includes
ABS and Ducati Traction Control, enhancing bike performance, optimising control
and boosting safety levels. This package is managed via four different Riding
Modes, each of which (Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro) gives the Multistrada
950 a distinctive personality thanks to different ABS and DTC (Ducati Traction
Control) settings.

Bosch ABS System

Multistrada 950 standard equipment includes a Brembo braking system with ABS,
controlled by the Bosch 9.1 MP control unit with integrated pressure sensor,
which is part of the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP). The 3-level system ensures
short stopping distances and stability whatever the riding conditions thanks
to full integration with Riding Modes. Level 1 adapts ABS intervention to
off-road use: there is no intervention on the rear wheel and no rear wheel
anti-lift. Level 2 sees the ABS act on both the front and rear wheels but
rear wheel anti-lift remains deactivated. Lastly, the highest level 3 setting
provides maximum braking stability and rear wheel lift-up prevention. The
ABS system can be deactivated in any Riding Mode and will stay off until the
next Key-On.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC)

The DTC (Ducati Traction Control) on the Multistrada 950 detects and subsequently
controls any rear wheelspin, enhancing both bike performance and active safety.
The Multistrada 950 features the latest DTC software version, optimised to
ensure a soft response thanks to intervention on both spark advance and throttle
body control. The system lets riders select from among 8 different profiles,
each calibrated to provide a rear wheelspin tolerance that matches progressive
levels of riding ability (classified from 1 to 8). Level 1 minimises system
intervention and is, together with level 2, best suited to off-road use. Level
8, instead, maximises ABS intervention and is ideal on wet roads. Ducati sets
DTC levels for each of the four Riding Modes; however, these can be personalised
to meet riders’ specific needs and saved on the individual menu settings.
The DTC function can be switched off in any Riding Mode and will then stay
off until the next Key-On.

Ducati Riding Modes

Ducati Riding Modes, first introduced on the Multistrada in 2010, let riders
select different pre-set modes that optimise bike behaviour according to their
individual riding styles and road conditions. The Multistrada 950 has four
Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro), each programmed to act on
the electronic Ride-by-Wire (RbW) engine control system and the ABS and DTC
levels. The available modes stem from a combination of cutting-edge dedicated
technologies. Riding Modes can be changed on the go, while personalised ABS
and DTC settings need to be made with the bike at standstill with the throttle


Touring Riding Mode delivers 113 hp with progressive Ride-by-Wire throttle
twist response, DTC is set higher (level 5) as is the ABS (level 3), maximising
both braking stability and wheel lift-up prevention.


Selecting Sport Riding Mode transforms the Multistrada 950 into an adrenalin-fuelled
113 hp machine. This Riding Mode is characterised by a direct Ride-by-Wire
throttle twist response, a low DTC setting (level 4) and low ABS setting (level
2) with no rear wheel lift-up prevention.


Urban Riding Mode delivers a maximum power of 75 hp with progressive Ride-by-Wire
throttle twist response; DTC is set to an even higher intervention level (level
6) and the ABS setting is at level 3, maximising braking stability and wheel
lift-up prevention.


Enduro Riding Mode gives the Multistrada 950 a maximum power of 75 hp with
progressive Ride-by-Wire throttle twist response; DTC intervention is suitable
(level 2) for off-road use and the ABS setting is low (level 1), deactivating
rear wheel lift-up prevention.

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Riding Modes, Power Modes, Ducati Safety Pack (ABS + DTC). White $18990 (+ ORC)
Bike Type
Dual Purpose
Model Code
MTS 950
LAMS Approved
Red (White $18990)
Ride Away Price
Country of Origin
Grey Import
Extra Identification
Testastretta 11


Engine Description
Engine Config
Engine Capacity
Engine Type
Engine Stroke
Cam Type
Valves Per Cylinder
Compression Ratio
Induction System
EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection; Bosch; Cylindrical throttle bodies; RbW
Throttle Bore
Wet Sump
Exhaust Config
Exhaust Description
Stainless steel muffler; Catalytic converter; 2 lambda probes
Maximum Power
Maximum Power RPM
Maximum Torque
Maximum Torque RPM




Engine Voltage
Charging Method

Fuel & Emissions

Fuel Type
Recommended RON
Fuel Tank Capacity
Emission Standard
Euro 4


Primary Drive
Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.84:1
Drive Type
Gear Type
Gear Number
Gear Change Method
Left foot lever
Clutch Type
Wet, Multi-disc; Self-Servo on drive; Sipper on over-run; Mechanical/cable operation

Chassis & Suspension

Frame Material
Tubular steel
Frame Design
Rake (Caster Angle)
Side Stand
Front Suspension
48mm KYB upside down fork; Fully adjustable
Front Suspension Travel
Rear Suspension
Swingarm; Sachs monoshock; Fully adjustable; Remote spring preload adjustment
Rear Suspension Travel
Swingarm Type
Dual Sided
Swingarm Description


Front Brake Description
Twin semi-floating discs; Radially mounted Brembo monobloc 2-pad calipers; Hydraulic; Bosch 9MP ABS
Front Brake Caliper(s)
Four Piston
Front Brake Diameter
Rear Brake Description
Single disc; Brembo floating caliper; Hydraulic
Rear Brake Caliper(s)
Double Piston
Rear Brake Diameter
Linked Braking System

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel Type
Cast alloy
Wheel Size Front
3.0x19" (76.2x482.6mm)
Wheel Size Rear
4.5x17" (114.3x431.8mm)
Rear Tyre
170/60-R17" Pirelli Scorpion Trail II
Front Tyre
120/70-R19" Pirelli Scorpion Trail II

Dimensions & Weights

Dry Weight
Wet / Operational Weight
Seating Capacity

Warranty & Servicing

Warranty KMs
Warranty in Months from First Registration
24 Months (2 years)
Regular Service Interval

Safety & Security

Traction Control
Engine Immobiliser
Lock Type


Seating Position
Ride By Wire
Top Box

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